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Bring art into your business

Artsper offers its network of partner galleries and its established position in the art world to help you acquire artworks from 1000 dollars.
Our lease-purchase agreement gives you the freedom to spread out your monthly payments from 13 to 48 months while benefiting from tax advantages.

A comprehensive service

  1. Curation

    Our consultants will help you select works that suit your tastes and projects.

  2. Validation

    We draw up the contract, validate and secure the transaction with our affiliated bank, and then purchase the works through a specialized partner.

  3. Delivery and payment

    We organize the delivery of the works. You pay the monthly installments to the bank and enjoy your new acquisition!

Artwork enterprise

Financial advantages

Reduction from tax result

  • 100% of the installments paid are deductible from the IS (for companies) or IRPP (for independent professions) - article 238 bis AB of the CGI.

Limited risks

  • The lease-purchase agreement allows you to maintain your loan capacity as it is considered a rental expense.

Personalized options

  • You can spread your installments as you wish from 13 to 48 months. At the end of the contractual period, strengthen your company's assets by simply paying the residual value equal to 3% of the amount paid.

Artwork enterprise

Cultural advantages

Aesthetic advantages

  • Strengthen your brand identity. The image reflected to your customers and suppliers is positive and your employees are stimulated.

Intellectual benefits

  • Stimulate your employees’ creativity and limit stress by creating a healthy and calm work environment with the help of artworks.

Culture at your fingertips

  • Support emerging artists and become a player in the art market. Simplify your employees' access to culture and unite your teams around art.

Artwork enterprise

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